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Fashion from Genoa
  • Corolla necklace,overall view,lapis lazuli,moonstone
  • Corolla necklace,side view,lapis lazuli,moonstone
  • Corolla necklace,close up side view,lapis lazuli,moonstone
  • Corolla necklace,detail,lapis lazuli,moonstone

Flower-cup corolla necklace

.925 Silver lost-wax casting, weight of silver 0.3 oz. stones: oval lapis lazuli Cabochon 0.2x0.3 in round moonstone cabochon diam. 0.2 in

Lapis lazuli is a blue mineral composed of azurite, sodalite, hauynite, pyrite and calcite. The most prized variety comes from Afghanistan and is a harmonious blue with glitters of pyrite. It is the stone of friendship, of joy, of love and loyalty. In many shamanic traditions, it was used as a protective stone and the moon and the sun boost its energy. It is used mainly on the 5th chakra because it acts quickly on the respiratory system and is an excellent purifier for the body. It helps you be yourself without compromise or hesitation. Lapis Lazuli is a spiritual stone that promotes kindness and support in those who wear it. It energizes when left under the night’s cosmic rays.


Moonstone is the adularescent variety of orthoclase with a blue and white glow similar to the light of the moon, giving it its name. This visual effect is the reflection of light on its internal structure. It’s a stone tied to the 2nd chakra and is the guardian of the emotions, dissolving those that are negative and too strong. It enhances femininity and gently accompanies pregnancy.


The necklace is made with the lost-wax casting technique, using a hand-carved mould in the melting process.

Fine jewellery techniques are used in stone setting, decoration and polishing.

The Alcantara gives the final touch to the jewel’s unique style.