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Emotions of the sea
  • Beaten marine ring,three quarter view,turquoise
  • Beaten marine ring,close up view,turquoise

Beaten marine ring

.925 Silver, lost-wax-casting weight 0.4 oz stones: turquoise Figaro cabochon 0.8x0.3 in

Turquoise is a basic phosphate rock composed of aluminum hydrate and copper, giving it a blue-green color, however it can be found in pale blue or deep green. The water eventually evaporates and oxidizes the copper contained in the stone, transforming from its original color to a unique blue-apple green.

It is found in crystals, aggregates or clusters. It is the protective stone par excellence and instils courage, driving away melancholy. Turquoise is connected to the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras, invigorating, purifying and strengthening the whole body because it absorbs radiation and harmful substances

Given as a gift, it brings wealth and happiness. Its energy is activated by the rays of the sun and moon.

The ring takes the shape of a circular atoll, where the internal lagoon has been filed with sediment. The silhouette resembles the submerged coral formations