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Emotions of the sea
  • Multi-strand necklace,close up view,aquamarine,tanzanite
  • Multi-strand necklace,close up view on details,aquamarine,tanzanite

Multistrand necklace

.925 Silver, smooth wire-drawing Stone: aquamarine sphere 0.4 in irregular tanzanite stones .47.50 ct unique piece

Aquamarine is a mineral composed of silicate beryl and aluminum. It is dichroic and appears blue or colourless depending on the angle it is viewed from. Varieties of aquamarine classified as gems are found in hexagonal and even clear crystals that can reach up to one meter in length. The best quality Aquamarine is found in Brazil in pegmatites or gravelly alluvial deposits. In crystal therapy, it is used on the throat’s energy vortex. It instils trust and confidence and helps the individual to live in sincerity and accept a superior design. It helps address fears and phobias by increasing mental lucidity and enhancing creative expression.


Tanzanite is part of the zoisite family; it has a violet blue color that gives off flashes of light thanks to its strong pleochroism. It was discovered by a Masai shepherd after a heavy rainstorm that cleared the ground, revealing its gorgeous brilliance. It is a highly valued stone, because it collects in a small area of our globe.

It is the stone of transformation, of change, the stone of the new century. Its rays acts as a bridge, providing communication between the heart and the cerebral hemispheres: the 4th chakra and the 6th and 7th chakra.

It’s a stone that helps the wearer be calm, serene and attentive while distancing anger.

The smooth necklace, made with two stones in an original composition, is made to evoke the different sea’s different shades of color that vary with its depth.