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Fashion from Genoa
  • Green tourmaline ring,three quarter view,green tourmaline
  • Green tourmaline ring,close up view on details,green tourmaline

Green tourmaline ring

.925 Silver lost-wax casting and “spatolato” Stone: green tourmaline, 23.30 ct unique piece

Tourmaline is a primary mineral that forms in plutonite and – more specifically – in pegmatite, generating large and colourful crystals. There are both monochromatic and polychromatic varieties; the most popular varieties are pink and green. These stones are used to fill the heart with love, to strengthen the auric body, to refresh the physical and mental body and to accelerate healing processes.

This egg-shaped cabochon ring is inspired by the eighteenth century Genoese “spatolato”, a decorative technique that consisted in the distributing color on a surface using small spatulas.