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Enchantment of the earth
  • Ring band,close up perspective view,crisolemon
  • Ring band,close up front view,crisolemon
  • Ring band,close up side view,crisolemon

Ring band

.925 Silver lost-wax casting stone: oval crisolemon cabochon 0.5x0.7 in

Crisolemon is a chalcedony found in Queensland (Australia), Russia, California, Brazil and Austria. Its apple-green color derives from the presence of traces of nickel. The ancients associated it to the goddess Venus, not for its beauty and sensuality, but for a “sense of justice” that characterized the Goddess’s image. This stone promotes the development of patience, allowing the individual to accept willingly that the truth can be difficult to achieve. Crisolemon instils confidence and self-confidence. Its detoxifying action on a physical level becomes purification on a psychological level.

Embracing a single Crisolemon stone, the moulding of this ring band resembles the internal structure of a bamboo cane.