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Enchantment of the earth

Inspired by wood and its fibers, the line NATURA tells a story of marriage and birth. The log of wood forged by Man, represented by the square cut turquoise contrasts the soft and round cut crisolemon, which conveys its lifeblood in beauty and color like an inflorescence.

Emotion of the sea

MARE captures the authentic colors and shapes of the sea in Liguria, Italy. Skillfully selected stones represent the optical effects created by the movement of water. With jewelry that encloses the charm and colors of the deepest waters of the Cinque Terre and Portofino, the possibility/desire to wear the sea becomes reality.

Fashion from Genoa/LIGURIA

From the typical architectural styles of Genoa, the ARTE series evokes nieghborhoods of the city of Christopher Columbus. The Medieval Gothic, Art Nouveau, and eighteenth century Spatolato. It takes a single glance at these jewels to feel the history and magic of Genoa, her artistic tradition and soul. Wear one of them to relive the glorious history of the town.

Lo stile originale

Unique masterpieces MADE IN GENOA, Italy
are in New York (US)

The origin

A caring mother, Genoa spawned a unique, ancestral art of jewelmaking