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Island pendant




Kyanite crystals of the highest gem quality are often a color that fades from light to intense shades of blue. Kyanite is found in gneiss, in metamorphic schist and in strands of pegmatite that intrude in metamorphic rocks. It is found mainly in Burma, Brazil, Kenya and the Alps. In crystal therapy, it works on the energy vortex of the throat. It is the stone that sweeps away all old forms of mindset that are not based on Truth and Integrity, in order to make room for new concepts. It then generates new dreams and new visions, consistent with new thoughts.

It gives emotional strength.

The Island model is a unique and unrepeatable piece. It represents a volcanic island that let its crater filled with the sea after having exhausted its activity. The carvings that surround the blue are the traces of lava, creating trenches and depositing minerals on its surface

Ciondolo isola con collana
argento 925°°
Pezzo unico lavorato a mano
tecnica di fusione: cera persa
realizzato in 3 pezzi
Dimensioni: lunghezza massima “Isola” mm 38 + contromaglia
larghezza massima “Isola” mm 30
Pietre: Cianite ovale lungo cabochon ct. 14,12
Diamanti taglio rosetta ct. 0,31
Corredato di collana

Additional information

Weight ,025 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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